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Earwax Build-Up Bothering You?

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Earwax—otherwise known as “cerumen”—is a substance produced in the ear canal to help protect against bacteria and remove dirt and dust. There are times when an excessive amount of earwax can build up, causing a blockage in the ear canal. At that point, the impacted earwax needs to be removed.

What are the symptoms of an earwax blockage?

The most likely symptom is a decrease in the ability to hear in the ear where the blockage has formed. In fact, impacted earwax is the most common cause of conductive hearing loss in adults. Other possible symptoms are ear pain and ringing in the ear.

While impacted earwax can be the result of over-production, it is often caused by people simply cleaning their ears incorrectly. Inserting cotton swabs into the ear canal can easily push earwax in deeper, rather than removing it.

Why do I need to have earwax removed?

First of all, as we mentioned above, anything that keeps sound from passing through your ear canal decreases your hearing level. Second, earwax can eventually attach itself to your eardrum, causing it to function poorly. Third, it won’t go away on its own.

How is an earwax blockage treated?

First, an important warning: Impacted earwax needs to be treated by a doctor or a certified hearing health professional. Do-it-yourself attempts can result in making the blockage worse and can even damage the eardrum. Medical and hearing professionals have the equipment, skills and training required to remove earwax safely and thoroughly. That said, here are some of the options that can be used:

  • Solutions made expressly for the purpose of softening impacted earwax.
  • Hand-operated suction devices that gently draw soft or softened earwax from the ear canal.
  • A curet—a small, curved surgical instrument that grabs onto a blockage so it can be gently pulled from the ear canal.

It cannot be stressed enough that the extent of a blockage, the best way to treat it and the execution of that treatment should only be left to a qualified professional.

If you or a loved one is showing signs of impacted earwax, call us right away for an appointment.

Let us provide a full assessment of your current condition and ultimately provide you with the hearing enhancement you deserve!

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